Collaborators on Common Ground

“Long reining,” “long lining” and “ground driving”
are several names for this from-the-ground-up collaboration that builds a solid relationship between you and your horse while you both learn new concepts and skills to complement your riding or driving.

From the ground
where you are safe, your horse can learn new movements without being distracted by your body weight, and you’re in a position to see how well your horse is doing moment-to-moment.

In Clay Maier’s DVD tutorials and hands-on clinics
his thorough and step-by-step approach makes the how, why and results of long reining clear. Grow a successful relationship with your horse — yourself.From the fundamentals of how to handle the tools with grace, through solidifying your positioning and timing in every session, Clay’s teaching style makes each phase of learning long reining simple, safe and attainable.As you both progress and learn together, you will refine your skills and the nuances of communication techniques that give you the ability to teach your horse advanced movements.

Novice and advanced horsemen and women, and horses used in every discipline — green or seasoned — will benefit from the skills and relationship-building that advance your horse’s training.

Clay’s Rein Dance supply line
— surcingle, long reins and training whip — are the few simple, high-quality core tools you need to successfully long line your horses for years. Clay has tested many materials and developed these tools over years for the best sensitivity and enhanced and subtle communication possible.

Clay introduces DVD training

View 5-min video about Clay’s training DVDs

Clay himself
Perhaps best known for his rides into the spotlight with his magnificent The Friesian Spectacular tandem riding performances — where he takes long reining to an exciting extreme — Clay is a quiet and respectful trainer of horses and humans, and he loves to teach.

Clay’s Thoughts on Connection
“Once we begin to develop connection many things fall into place, flexion, balance, straightness, rhythm, suppleness, collection. All of which helps your horse be what he can really be…” read more.

Clay featured in Horses All for the Mane Event Expo

Canadian horse magazine, Horses All, has featured Clay as one of the exhibitors for the upcoming Mane Event Horse Expo in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. Horses All magazine website Horses All April 2-13 issue online Mane Event, 2013 in Red Deer Clay will be presenting a demonstration clinic and a tandem riding performance at the [...]

New Long Reining Supply for Miniatures, Ponies and Cob Sized Horses


Dual girth system on Rein Dance surcingles to fit a range of small sizes, plus custom length long reins, side reins & whips. So new, we don’t have photos or online ordering yet! We’re also making custom length (shorter) long reins, side reins and whips for long reining the little equines. So, if you’re interested, [...]